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Modern Kahuna Training




Kahuna training was and is still a well kept secret. The ancient secrets are truly protected and secret in themselves, as without discipline and commitment to ones self there is no way one will ever understand.
The works of a Kahuna will forever stay a mystery to people of any culture as long as they search outside of themselves or outside of their culture.
Here we have to understand that we are not adopting the Hawaiian Culture. Being people of other cultures we come into our strengths only if we go and rediscover our own heritage, which is well hidden in our genes.

The living Kahuna through whose line all Kahuna trainings in non-Hawaiian society originate is my teacher Kahu (Kanaka Maoli) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna, who started teaching outside of the Hawaiian culture in the later '60's. Hundreds of students from all over the world have benefited through the ancient training in countless ways.

The school Na Pua 'Olohe (The Flowers of Wisdom) was open to people of all cultures. Having experienced many esoteric ways of teaching I can say: this training is very fast, and accelerating even more as it goes on. The discovery of my ancestry took me well beyond humanity. There is no escape from Self in the ancient exercises, and once we have embraced even the scary unknown family members of our Self the pathway to the Gods of our own culture is open.

Striving for reality and presence in the here and now, there is no need to cry for our own lost culture.
From Hawaiian culture came those ancient Kahuna exercises to enable us to find our own genetic knowledge and power. Exercises from the ancient past, almost but not yet forgotten, reaching out into the future to revive our lost cultures, adapted and made available to us by one of the last real Kahuna.

The Principles, to be able to be put to good use, need to be felt, and not just intellectually understood. Integrating Kahuna principles is a way of life. And although we cannot be Kahuna, we can still achieve the level of knowledge and power of the Kahuna for ourselves and be successful and bring out the best in our own genetic line.

In the ancient type of training there is no technique being taught, although students keep asking how to do this and that.
In reality the technique being used is created new with every person in each moment with every breath.

All we have to do is being attentive, recognising the Script of the being and the situation and keep ourselves moving to set into motion and flow the being we are working with.
The Script of the person and the situation needs to be left pure and free of preconceived ideas to leave the path to the building blocks open and accessible. That is all there is.

© 1998 Ki'a'i Ho'okah


The Flowers of Wisdom

Kahuna Personal Transformation and Self-Development
Genetic Base Evolution
Kalae Huli - Turning Point

Oh may I hear those ancient drums again,
those mighty drums and messages that they send.
Speak to me of times long gone,
of times before I was born.
Speak to me of a people and their temple,
of the bleached bones.
My heart all a tremble.

Oh may I hear those ancient drums again,
those mighty drums and the messages that they send.
Through the highland mountains
and tree tops,
Through sacred valley,
and down to where the cliff drops.

The mighty drums have gone silent now
to make them speak,
Only a few will know how....

© 1970 Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna



Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna Principles using evolution-promoting principles as consciousness vehicles:

  • Geomancy (Huli Honua) - The art of placement and alignment. The harmonizing with nature and natural structures. Harmony with modern manmade structures
  • Hui Kalo O Ku Unities - The gathering of Beings, of Home and of Blood, of Cells and of Molecules, of Atoms.
  • Mai Pono - The script of the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit.
  • 'Oluli - To promote a greater range of motion - Physically, Mentally, Spiritually - all of one's situations. To Ignite.
  • Ke Ala Hoku - The pathway to the Stars. Stargate Passages. The portals of Spirit and Soul.
  • Ho'oko Manao - To bring forth the Divine Inspiration. To fulfill one's thoughts and ideas.

What is Kahuna?

Kahuna (Kanaka Maoli), in its base reality is a highly trained, skilled individual of various professions within the Hawaiian culture. Kahuna is a Consultant, Guide, Director, Applicant; the Keeper of various caches of information; Keeper of Sacred Deities and Duties. The Keeper of the Order of Genetic Base Principle, if Female;
Keeper of the Order of Principle Application, if Male. The Keeper of the Order of Life and Death, if Female; Keeper of the Order of Life Provision, if Male.

Who is This Kahuna?

  • Ignited by the natural and cultural principle in a time of great change.
  • Molded and evolved in a multicultural experience.
  • Polishing the self as reflected in the sight of the principle through consistency.
  • Set into course and motion the principle of evolution.

To change one's mind is to change one's pattern, to change one's pattern is to change one's life.

Here is the opportunity to gain and achieve a full realm of probabilities within the full spectrum of human expereince:

  • Kahuna Bodywork
  • Geomancy
  • Navigation
  • Prayer
  • Prayer/Blessing
  • Hula
  • Ka'alele au (flying as personal navigation)
  • Ho'omanamana (streching as awareness of physical, psychological, and energetic body and its connection to breath)

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork was developed out of the Temples of Hawaii and practiced as a 'Rite of Passage', when a boy became a man, and a girl became a woman. This included 'Professional's Rites of Passage', when a man or woman were to take up positions of authority and leadership. Formulated for Western culture as a means to move the very tangible creation of self - the body - it begins with the understanding of yourself: your range and patterns of movement, and how they contribute to your total understanding of life.
You are provided with a vehicle to expand, express, and ultimately, free yourself.
From this understanding you then learn how to enable others to create transformation within themselves.

Hawaiian Geomancy

Hawaiian Geomancy extends the understanding of yourself to the environment. After you align the energies in your mind, body, and spirit, the next step is to align the energies in your land, office, and home. Many times an individual may gain a great understanding or 'opening' only to find they 'lose it' upon returning to home or work.
Huli Honua Geomancy provides you with the ability to assess your environment, identify
areas of alignment factors contributing or not contributing, and to institute changes that immediately free up your ability to move in relationships, finances, and health.
Kuhikuhipueoneone Geomancy creates and selects placement and formulates presence in nature, one's self, and one's family.

Kahuna Navigation

Kahuna Navigation is a medium that extends itself beyond celestial navigation into navigating a vessel and/or your life through your innate abilities: the extended sense of smell, sense of hearing, sense of taste, and sense of feeling. These are incorporated and integrated in such a way as to become beneficial in your life or any endeavor in which you express yourself.
Should the pattern of your thoughts come into a similar rhythm with your heart, and your heart rhythm with your breath,your emotions with your sense of feel, taste, smell and hearing, you then experience a break-away of old concepts and old patterns. All things, functions, and thoughts will certainly move into a new space of accelerated conscious continuum. When you find yourself in the center of your universe, then you have arrived. Where the universe can now find you and begin to pay you off.

Star come. . . Star go. . . Island come. . . Island go. . .
Ocean come. . . Ocean go. . . Life come. . . Life go. . .
I sail. . . I fly. . . I sail. . . I stand
Center of the Universe


There is nothing you cannot change; you are a creator. Awareness is the first step to understanding that you are a creator. Every action, person, and thing you see is part of your creation though your concepts. Anything you set your mind to is shortly thereafter created. You choose where you want to live, whether you are attracted by beauty or turmoil; you choose your work, based on teaching of your parents and the experiences of your life; you cause concepts to be formed. You promote better health by the way you think.


To be able to understand anything, one must make and keep a commitment to oneself to change, allowing the new to come forth into being. The principle of commitment indicates change has already been agreed upon by environmental and situational experiences analyzed and determined to be necessary. Thus is born commitment. Commitment thus becomes a letter of introduction to any aspect or part of the being that is in doubt, afraid, or angry in order to secure clear passage through previous obstacles,gates, or the like.

Whatever you do everyday, whether good, bad, or ugly, gets to be the future past of your life. What you do by Principle is now done. What you don't do by Principle is now done. Say whatever you like. Feel whatever you like. Do whatever you like.Get to be 'stamped' with 'So Be It'.


The Hula workshop is a means to a physical, spiritual, and situational alignment.It is designed to bring forth out of you the awareness of the simplicity of your innate self. You learn there is nothing you cannot change. You are a creator. Awareness is the first step towards understanding that every action, person, and thing you see is part of your creation, through your concepts.

When the deepest part of your genetic being comes forth to take a new step in its evolutionary path - Something it has never done before now.

Ka'alele au (flying as personal navigation, prelude to a right of passage)

Traditionally trained Kahuna Navigators understood themselves to be the center of the universe, and understood themselves every moment of their lives. Thus, navigational training extends itself beyond physical or celestial navigation. It is the art that brings together, by way of awareness, one's environment, one's patterns of motion and action, one's entire being (understood and identified) and enables the individual to navigate with fluidity, balance, and coordination through whatever life's situations may bring.

Ho'omanamana (streching as awareness of physical, psychological, and energetic body and its connection to breath)

Ho'omanamana is taking old, ancient, or unused energies and converting them into contributing functions. The conversion is uninhibited, taking note only of the major directional focus and then converting the energies to contribute its flowing motion. It will convert old positive into new contributions of the flowing motion. Old negatives into new contributions of the flowing motion. That which functions for and contributes to the flowing motion will, with great speed, be utilized.
A totality of action, reaction, inaction, interaction, and each interacting upon the other to bring forth the base universal principal that all things contain the other this force is the old matrix of our lives and our planet to refine itself.
'Stretching' courses combine physical and mental preparation and exercise in the forms of ho'omanamana (stretching exercise sequences as body inventory), lima ikaika (strength exercises),
ha'iha'i (flexibility exercises), ho'onaopopo i'au (sensitivity exercises), 'imi na'auao (awareness meditation), and ha'awi'ana (oral presentation of Self or 'announcing' exercises).


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