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Kahuna Bodywork Training


Kahu Abraham Kawai'i employs the Bodywork as a medium of further training in the basic Kahuna training to expand experience and knowledge of Self and others, and their relationship.
Whereas training in Hawaiian massage is mostly through technique, Kahuna Bodywork can only be learned through understanding and application of Principle, through fundamental Kahuna trainings.


"The development of the self
comes before any other skill,
for the skill exists
in that 'silent magnitude'
within the core
of your performance
in any and all expressions."

© 1970 Kahu Abraham Kawai i, Kahuna


Kahuna Temple Style Bodywork

Kahuna (temple style) Bodywork was only understood and done by a Kahuna or those trained by a Kahuna to highest level of understanding (in principle, not in technique!).
To be able to use the word Kahuna in association with the bodywork, one needed to have permission by the Kahuna. At the beginning the work was called simply Hawaiian Bodywork, later at highest level Kahuna Bodywork.

Kahuna Bodywork training is now available in various countries. Australia is the only country to have the Kahuna Bodywork courses, that Ki'a'i Ho'okahi and Kahu Abraham Kawai'i developed over 2 years, Government accredited.

Kahuna Bodywork is not to be mistaken with the Hawaiian family style of lomi lomi, or any other name given by Western society. It is also strictly Hawaiian and not Polynesian, which is a geographical area and not a name for a culture.

Since Kahu has started training non-Hawaiians in the 1960s, (against the advice of the secretive Kahuna (Kanaka Maoli) Guild, we have seen massage styles developed and named by Western people, using, in part, the sacred steps of Kahi, the first form of the Flight of the Navigator.
Trainings are facilitated by people who have never even met a Kahuna and definitely never had any Kahuna Training, and thus have never heard about the other 143 forms in performance of the Flight and beyond. The Flight is filtering more into all types of massage trainings. Hence a confusion of names has arisen.

Bodywork training starts with Ka'alele au, a dance or ‘flight’ with the body on the table. This is the beginning of learning to read the 'Script' of the body. Only when intent and purpose get completely eliminated from the mind of the practitioner, he will be called a performer, and the ‘flight’ will be internalised.

The effects go far beyond the effects of massage.

At the beginning Kahuna Training is a martial art style training in focus, use of Ki energy, movement, positioning and leverage. Words in our language are too limited to express further training in writing.

The training in its pure form is totally in principle, never in technique, to enable the individual to draw from their own genetically inherited knowledge. It is a ‘physiologically triggered psycho-spiritual transformation’, that enables the performer to put aside western thinking and reasoning to open up pathways to ancient genetic memories in the body.

Participants come from all walks of life, and many who have done studies of Huna or other therapies, now find a necessary foundation and valuable continuation in their learning.

Indeed, one suspects magic being a participant in training or receiving Kahuna Temple-style Bodywork, realising one’s own dreamtime stories as timeless reality. A realm of self where healing and psychic abilities become a side effect, an eventuality.


“It is, when you are the speaker and the listener,
and that which is spoken, in one.....”
“It is, when you are the giver, the receiver,
and that which is given, in one.....” aua’ia, uliama


Personal account:

What attracted us when Kahu came to Australia in March 1989 (Mt.Warning) was an article we read somewhere about Kahuna being able to mend broken bones instantly, without any trace of the fracture visible on X-ray afterwards. How convenient to be able to work to that effect in our General Practice! So we went to learn.

First thing we learned was: this is not about other people, this is about ourselves and the understanding that we have of ourselves. Essentially, without understanding of self there is no way of making others understand themselves. And we are not talking intellectual understanding here. In fact, Kahuna training is mostly non-verbal.

So instead of quickly learning how to mend fractures instantly, we learned the basics of a movement called 'Flying', (there is no other English word for this). It was formulated and named by Kahu "A Physiologically Based Psycho-Spiritual Transformation".

This comes out of the ancient Kahuna Navigation training. It trained navigators to observe the birds in order to gain knowledge about location of land and upper level wind direction, it trained that by observing the currents, it gives the possibility to move with the current instead of moving against it .It trains that by observation without intent and judgment we can know all there is.


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