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Fundamental Kahuna instruction (90% non-verbal) was the same for all. Students were chosen and sent to specialised schools only after careful observation and testing to attain final mastership or scientist status.
Kahuna trained children of any sex or class were selected, if they showed talent and discipline and had knowledge of self and nature. To know and to have recognised the principle in how everything relates to everything in the universe. This is basic training, and they were primarily groomed to understand the principle of genealogy and family, in all life.

Primarily there would be at least one Kahuna in every village in the past, we are lucky if now there exists just one Kahuna in every field.

There are a few Kahuna still today, but they cannot be found in the yellow pages. In the past every Hawaiian knew to find the Kahuna at the eastern outskirts of the village.

Today, if asked, nobody will usually admit to even knowing one. The Christian Churches long resistance and vocal avoidance to the kahuna and the kahuna knowledge, is still deep seated within many Christian oriented people.

The Kahuna Training was secret and reserved for Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli). Today many Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) themselves are possibly not fully aware of the totality that they are heirs to.

The old kahuna system of selection and subsistence payment for the training has died out with the arrival of a marketing society. Payment in ancient kahuna perspectives was exceedingly high and demanding. This could include 600 pigs, 800 chickens, 500 dogs, 1000k of staple (Taro/Breadfruit/Sweet Potato), 500k of fish. Special herbs by the bushel, many cords of wood for fire.

This being only payment to ensure the change of life, betterment of health and warding off projected negative thoughts. When it came to saving your life, the payment became steep. "A life for a life" meant that your son or your daughter was to be payment.

This was usually welcomed by all families. After a few years of service, the son or daughter, if qualified, would move into the status of student and will now be a full recognised member of the house of the kahuna. Thus acquiring the opportunity to become a kahuna. Here, the status of the entire family would rise to the level of kahuna, with all indemnities.


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