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Kahuna Bodywork Training in Australia

Multilevels Effect
© Na Pua 'Olohe
Massage (Lomi), and many other massage applications, empower the individual's state of being for that moment, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Kahuna Bodywork empowers the individual's entire self, in their life and consciousness, their entire genetic family.

Kahuna Bodywork empowers all those that have come before you, are now and are yet to be.

Kahuna Bodywork empowers the grace, compassion and dignity in spirituality for that entire genetic family.

"The traditional Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) Massage, is called Lomilomi or Romi (meaning to knead) and was formerly taught generally within the structure of the Hawaiian society. This is the common style of massage comparable to what Swedish massage is to modern day people."

Ancient (Hawaiian) Kanaka Maoli Kahuna Bodywork is not a massage, as its effect is extended to other members of the genetic family. It was also known as Romi, but, specifically in its temple legacy, is much more extended.

  • Romi Ka Pa Lele (meaning the Royal Altar of Heaven).
  • Romi 'Oluli (meaning Flowing - Flexibility - Waving),
  • Romi Kealakekua (meaning The Pathway of the Gods).
  • Romi 'Oluea (meaning Composure - Calmness -Loose - Release - Relief)."

"These are styles from the legacy of temple applications; used in rites of passage; from girl to womanhood and from boy to manhood - a rite of passage to greater professional responsibilities and/or leadership."

"All Kahuna Bodywork styles come from a temple developed tradition, initially done and performed by Kahuna (Spiritual Keeper of Knowledge - Priest Professionals - Masters of the Art)."

"These styles were taught and regulated by temple rules and performed in temple settings."

"Its basic application is the forearm and hands applied with motion in a leverage empowerment gained through carriage, posture, positioning and placement, and accentuated by the rhythm of a Script."©

The Performer is identified as the player of the Script‚ and the body is the stage which provides a new Script to each performance , dictating the length of performance, the depth of performance, the placement, its speed, and most of all, its own realisation in the conclusion of the innate self.

An encore to an uninfluenced masterpiece Script‚ performed by a virtuoso.

With permission Na Pua 'Olohe (The Flowers of Wisdom), The Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) Kahuna Style of BodyWork Effecting Healing & Transformations


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