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Kahuna Principles




The ancient understanding of the principle of the Mystical Being is held in everyday consciousness as an avenue to perceive all things by. This ensures the single principle to give birth to multiplexities. At present in our modern world the principles can be understood or exemplified by looking at the science of abstracts and fractals; the continuous display of the principle in both seen and unseen form.

The holding fast to genealogy was an ancients way of maintaining the divinity of genetic resource; power generated by ancestors, wisdom and knowledge achieved, heights of love and compassion, of spirituality. These were great building blocks for an emotionally stable individual, and an emotionally stable nation.

Another example is the concept of family. Such a principle was entered into every aspect of life as all principles were; moment to moment, situation to situation, breath to breath. Definitely not something intellectual, but as a constant, ever-present aloft as well as afoot, in-between and all around. A way of life, a living breathing and feeling concept, held in that deep love and compassion within the sacred principle of family.

Modern genealogical research, such as the Human Genome Project and its findings, concur with the ancient principle (living concept) of total inter-connectedness. To find that the human genome contains genetic sequences of all other living organisms, we are standing at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Therefore within ourselves through our genetic heritage we can find and relate to everything that has been, is now and forever will be.

The Kahuna understanding is that, "our space of existence is a magnitude that is our closest most loyal, most loving friend that we have".

It is all that we can think about or wish for; all that we see with our eyes and our minds; all that we can hear, listen and react to; all that we can smell and breathe of the fragrances in life, all that we can ever eat, consume, or speak of, all our thoughts, enjoyable or not, every longing and desire, grief and sadness, all that has been listened to, and brings all of this song and motion. Where now the body will express the principle in motion; moving to every heart beat, every longing, every desire, every spark of joy and happiness; everything that it touches and feels; every where it can come from, go to, or stand upon every moment of our life.

That we are! That we are! That we are! High above and far below, in-between and all around, as far out into the vast universe and as far in as to the vast spark of our electrons. That we are! From the known to the unknown, from the unknown to the known. That we are!"

There are more and more new scientific discoveries today that were already integrated in a Kahuna daily work centuries ago, only that the understanding, to be able to be put to good use, needs to be felt, and not just intellectually understood. Integrating Kahuna principles is a way of life. And although we cannot be Kahuna, we can still achieve the level of knowledge and power of the Kahuna for ourselves and be successful and bring out the best in our own genetic line.

The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna Pathway to enlightenment and transformation lies in the magnitude of the personal self.

The development of the self comes before any other skill, for the skill of the self exists in that silent magnitude within the core of your performance in any and all expressions.
The self, like a blossom, extending ist beauty glistening, its frangrance permeating, comes forth in all its majesty in that moment when the wonders of the skill of self are achieved.


Think about it, and it will think about you.
Live it and it will live for you.
Apply it in any direction,
and it will apply itself in that direction for you.
Praise it and it will praise you.

There is nothing that it will not do for you, in as much as you would do for yourself.

Always hold the greatest thoughts about anyone, anything or anyplace, especially towards yourself. For the natural rule is, if any, that YOU will always be the recipient."

(Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna



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