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Retaining Perpetual Motion:   " To Be Or Not To Be is Not The Question.  What Is Has Always Been The Answer. "   Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i




Most of this website consists of excerpts from "The Kahuna - Living Legacy of Ancient Hawai'i" by Ki'a'i Ho'okahi Weber, incorporating material from Na Pua 'Olohe with permission by the Kahuna.
Ki’a’i Ho'okahi Weber has always been trained in other than ‘normal’ practices in nature through her European family. Now she is seen by the Kahuna as “Guardian (Keeper) of the Gate” and "First Guardian Of The Clan".
She is the first non-Hawaiian Masters Graduate in Kahuna Training, holding the legacy of Kahuna Training for personal development and Bodywork.

Ki'a'i was honoured and entrusted with the development of a course in Kahuna Bodywork in collaboration with the Kahuna. This course was nationally accredited in Australia in 2004.

Ki'a'i has full rights and privileges as a member of the Kahuna's Family (Ohana Inner Circle) and as instructor of Na Pua 'Olohe.


Ki'a'i Ho'okahi is founder (1991) and director of the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences.

An accomplished scholar of Kahuna Kanaka Maoli Principles, after 16 years in Kahuna Training, she received the first Masters Certificate of Graduation.
She has been Qualified, Rated, Sanctioned and Graduated as Master Kahuna BodyWorker and Instructor by (Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna.

Over the years Ki'a'i's family, Dr. Norbert Weber MD, and children Chiron and Maya, also became accomplished students.


Ki'a'i Ho'okahi



The National Office of the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences (NTIS No: 31263) is on the Gold Coast, Australia.
The College is a Registered Training Organisation, with its favourite training retreat located on 25 acres permacultured land, called 'Mountain University', in subtropical Australia (Byron Bay Hinterland), bordering Mt.Jerusalem National Park.

Kahuna Massage Training Centre
Retreat Centre

For workshop and retreat information contact the national office:

Australian College of Kahuna Sciences

Tel international: + 617 5575 7336
from Australia: 07 5575 7336
NSW campus: 02 6684 4883
Fax: 07 5562 5789
mobile: 0418 756 716




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