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"The Overseer of the structure of Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) life was the professional known as the Kahuna.
He is the keepers of ancient knowledge, the keeper of wisdom and understanding, the professor, the skilled one.

The Kahuna is the Navigator, the Healer, the Master Builder, the Architect, the Teacher, the Counsellor, the Keeper of things Sacred, The Meteorologist (Weatherman), the Geomancer, the Keeper of Genealogy, the Tactical Advisor, the Strategist, the Priest, Astronomer, Astrologer, Scientist, Psychic, and Divinator. In all levels of Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) life in general, all levels of Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) life in particular, the counsel and services of the Kahuna were continuously sought after."

The few living Kahuna are the preservers of the ancient Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) soul and heart, the preservers of the culture, the keepers of the Principle in the paths known and unknown, the Sacred Bridge Builder, the keeper of the Highway beyond roads end.

Kai Hulu Na Kanaka Maoli
The Precious One- The Provider- The Keeper of The Sacred Principle - .

The Kahuna are more than just priests, medicine men or shamans as you might find them in other native cultures. Of course there would have been a Kahuna priest to lead people in worship and purification ceremonies. But generally the Kahuna is a master professional in one or more chosen fields.

He acts as the intermediary between the high and the low, the chief and the people, the liaison with the gods, the goddesses, humanity and nature.

A Kahuna carpenter would not just be an expert in building with timber, but would be able to know, by feeling the timber, what the tree has seen during its lifetime, making for the strength of the timber.

There are several Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) stories today that indicate that the Kahuna were happy to embrace the Christianity and its God, although the missionaries perceived the Kahuna as a pagan, a heathen priest.

Kahuna translated literally means Keeper of (secret). It would have been an impact within the world society, should the missionaries have come to understand the vast, if not unusual, scientific knowledge of the Kahuna.
Humanity, perhaps, would not be the same.

In the past there would have been at least one Kahuna in every village; we are lucky if now there exists just one Kahuna in every field.

About (Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna:
(Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna

Keeper of the Maka'i'ole and Kapihe Kahuna Arts

"Te Tia'i Nei'ou Tou Rua I Te Tama"
(Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i is a native born Hawaiian Kahuna of the Order of Olohe, an adept of innate perceptive ability.
He is the living Kahuna through whose line all Kahuna trainings in non-Hawaiian Society originate.
Kahuna Training is not a tradition lost, although it has been in a kind of nebulous shroud for many years.
In reality it has been available to people of all cultures since the late 1960s with the Kahuna himself, who modified the methods to suit contemporary western consciousness, to enable anybody to understand the Source of All.
For thirty years, aside from being trained in many specific Kahuna Arts, he is also trained in 'Kaona' & 'Ho'okake', the kahuna use of innate perceptive ability. This ability translates figurative, symbolic and literal reasoning into functional Principle, upon which all lectures, workshops and seminars at Na Pua 'Olohe are formatted, making it possible to cross over the perspective of time and culture, without limitations.
The name (Kahu) Aua'ia Maka'i'ole is the doctorate of his second Kahuna achievement, known as 'Ike ka', and used the Masters name of (Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i. He now carries the title and doctoral achievement of 'ULIAMA', and the 'Nobel Portal of Kahuna Aua'ia'.


'It is, when you are the speaker and the listener,
and that which is spoken, in one.....'
'It is, when you are the giver, the receiver,
and that which is given, in one.....' aua'ia, uliama




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