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Discovery of Hawai'i




“Then one misty morning, through the break in clouds and the early light of dawn see; something of massive proportions rising out of the firmament in the eerie dark morning sea. Their awe ever more deepening as their eyes gazed high beyond the clouds unable to see its top. So immense was it, this endless massiveness rising. With speechless silence they gazed at this stimulating sight that captured the excitement in the heart in a humbling experience."

"Alive with creative force; This Great Mother from the sea, this trembling earth, fire goddess raging on the mountain side, snow goddess flashing her beauty on tall mountain rising, boiling sea rumbling, where fiery lava rivers meet the lord of the sea."

"Here the prophesy has seduced their hearts, their minds, their bodies and their souls, in its most sacred reality, the presence of nature."

"Born out of the firmament, this moment; the respect and dignity for all that is life, this spark enduring, cascading throughout the centuries in the mind body and soul of all Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli). Here, their gods & goddesses have provided a fruitful bounty; here this their paradise, here their sanctuary, here the story made real, an ancient dream of dreams come to pass."

"People of Hawaii and of the Pacific Islands, calling themselves “the Original Beings"; Kanaka Maoli - Tangata Maori - Ta'ata Maori - or Maori. All have ancestors in common with roots even further into the far distant past, when in that time, there were those that have made a similar journey to that paradise, to the fulfilment of their ancient dream."

"Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli), brought with them the strength of their genealogy. Chosen for this voyage into perhaps, eternity, were their best men and women, all of high calibre and skill, those daring enough to venture into the unknown, steadfast in themselves, holding close their Gods and Goddesses to step forward and begin a new life."
© Na Pua 'Olohe With permission of (Kahu) Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna.


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