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Retaining Perpetual Motion:   " To Be Or Not To Be is Not The Question.  What Is Has Always Been The Answer. "   Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i



The Exercises


Kahuna man


The training for a modern consciousness person is partly physical, a type of Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) martial art and ceremonial dance, called for the lack of a better English definition, 'Flying'.
This unblocks pathways in the brain through the body, re-establishing latent connections between past, present and future or body, mind and spirit.
Developing greater sensitivity through experience of the physical body in specific motion . Here we enable ourselves to let go of our modern consciousness, the western stoic reasoning, the freedom to give ourselves permission to truly feel our greatness as a human being - with an encompassment of compassionate humbleness and dignity.
The greatest difficulty for us in the training is to accept the fact that we really have to balance and refine or redefine our Self first, before this strong foundation (already in us) can be brought into the automatic realm and surface consciousness. When this is achieved, we can expand ourselves into our true self. Advancement to your next level in the training is only achieved with full commitment and willingness to change.

There are no levels in this kahuna training. The Kahuna says; "You either are, or are not." "If you are you will see me, if you are not, then you will not see me." There is also no time frame. What takes one person one hour can take another 10 or 50 years or many lifetimes, and still others just seconds.

"There are no certificates for this training, there are no compliments about how well you have done, there is only the next, and the next is usually greater than the last. If you find yourself not getting the next, perhaps you should consider that you may not be ready for the next."

This procedure to attain mastership is refined over millennia and carried through the sacred teachings of the Kahuna.

Workshop participants come to find some missing link, truth, reality, success, ease, health, retreat, to expand on healing modalities.

Getting 'real with ourselves' can be scary at times. Reaching our boundary through the exercise, it only takes willingness to go beyond. Suddenly we have crossed the line, without effort, without knowing.
We move with all that fear, anger or joy that we have in the moment, an emotion, a powerful tool that we can grab and use instead of pushing it away because it 'should' not be.

Acknowledging all the good, bad and ugly within ourselves we learn to perform our Self in every moment any time. There is no need for disease or injury and if, we know how to get ourselves out of it.


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